What is this?

This is a financial blog that will present ideas as entertainment. This is not financial advice or recommendations. Please refer to your investment adviser, accountant, etc. for what the best investment and risk is for your particular situation. There will be a weekly post summarizing financial ideas based on SEC filings of US companies.

Why Swan Hunt?

Because it’s a fun name and represents a bit of what this blog should be. The ideas should be of a nature that several┬ápotential events will lift or drop the stock price. It’s not about prediction of events for precision, but to position for events to best reward investors.

Did you even read The Black Swan?

Yes, and this blog probably offends some of its readers and potentially the author. If so, please provide a better name for consideration here.

What’s the focus here?

In order to better position for potential investment wins, the focus will be on carve outs, spin offs, stubs, IPOs, and mergers. This may get expanded over time, but is where it will start. Additionally, all utilities, banks, and insurance companies will be excluded due to differences in fundamental accounting and regulations. It will hopefully get added with time, but is currently outside the area of expertise.

Can you manage my money? Can I hire you? Can I donate? Etc.?

Please contact here for further discussion.

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